If you search the web and ask what the definition of INNOVATION is you’ll get following answer: “The action or process of innovating.” You may say it’s useless. But at Bizzcom we define it the same way. We change ideas into actions and processes bringing innovative solutions with high added value.

What do we innovate

Virtualisation of CAD models,Annotation, Measuring, Design and layout validation

VR/AR Reality

Different cell sizes, Infinte possibilities to extend, Easy manipulation

Modular solutions

Virtual Reality (VR)

It is an environment modelled by computer means and this environment simulates reality. This primarily means creating a visual experience displayed on a computer screen or via a special stereoscopic device.

Our ALPHA software solution for virtual and augmented reality environments enables the processing of 3D construction models into VR / AR environments and subsequent interactive work with the model in this environment for the purpose of approving 3D machine design, machine ergonomics, machine layout within the production hall and other functions.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Sometimes the phrase “enriched reality” is used. AR offers direct or indirect view of the physically real environment, parts of which are enriched in digital, mostly textual or visual form with additional information regarding the object one is looking at.

Our GAMMA software solution for the augmented reality environment enables to display production or service data from the machine to the AR environment. Besides, it offers unambiguous identification of the machine in virtual space, automatic display of relevant technical documentation for the machine based on the situation, definition of work procedures and other functions.

Modular solutions

Our modular solution for BIZZCELL (industrial cells) is based on a number of implemented production lines specialized in specific applications, which we are able to adapt flexibly to the needs of our customers.

We integrate processes: assembly, lubrication, plastic material welding, pressing, riveting, screwing, glueing, handling, quality control and more.

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