Industrial devices

We are a full-fledged integrator with our own development, production and assembly. We design and manufacture complex solutions for various types of industry, from simple single-purpose devices to complex automated production and assembly lines.

The works are designed and manufactured on a turnkey basis according to the technical specifications of customers with regard to safety, reliability and guaranteeing the highest quality.

Device development

Devices are designed by the design department, which consists of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience. An integral part of creation of a device is the design of mechanical construction, electrical and pneumatic distribution and the creation of the necessary software. The production, assembly and revitalization of the devices and units themselves take place in the company’s production facilities that are equipped with the necessary technical capacities.

The company designs and manufactures:

Single-purpose machines

Special machines

Preparations for machines

Robotic cells

Production and assembly lines

Process automation

How does the process look like?

Creating the device design is based on a proven context that includes implementation of customer requirements into each phase of design and production of devices.

Steps of our cooperation


Problem analysis or technical specification analysis

Concept design

Design of the most suitable device con

Solution design

Elaboration of project documentation for the device

Production and assembly

Production and assembly according to technical documentation

Automation and robotics

Simulations, programming of control systems and robots


Installation of the device at the customer

Recovery and commissioning

Recovery, testing, operator training and commissioning


Technical support during the warranty and post-warranty service

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