Besides projects for the machinery and devices production, you will also find the following products and services in the offer of our company:

Stäubli robots

BIZZCOM is distributor and integrator of unique Stäubli industrial robots. We design solutions in a way that makes the most of their strengths.

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Main advantages Stäubli robots:

Smart design

  • Closed arms, no external cabling
  • Suitable for any environment from adverse dirty to sterile
  • IP65/67 for the whole arm with overpressure set

Flexible integration

  • Large and efficient work area
  • More mounting options for flexible integration
  • Small base area for all lines of robots

Great performance

  • The patented JCS gearbox, specially designed for robots, brings high dynamics, agility, and accuracy
  • Compatible with NSF H1 food lubricant without loss of performance
  • 19-bit multi-turn absolute encoder technology

Connection for Smart production

  • Integrated electrical and pneumatic user circuits, including Cat5e
  • Compatible with all production devices, ERP and standard protocols, including OPC UA
  • CS9 controller with integrated web server

Safe return on investment

  • Lower total price and faster return on investment
  • The most energy efficient robotic system according to VDMA 24608 norm
  • Long service life and low maintenance required, all components easily accessible and replaceable

Software solutions

Within Industry 4.0, we supply software solutions for machinery visualization in a virtual or augmented reality environment. The platform offers display production data from machines, train operators, assist in service and many other functions in this digital space. For more information, please contact us.

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