ATC - Adaptive Technology Connector

This application solution was developed based on customer needs. When modernizing various internal production processes in an operation facility, there arises a need for acquisition, processing and evaluation of data about the individual processes. This data relates to production planning, the production itself (number of produced units, quantity of waste, etc.), the tracking of the flow of goods, machine efficiency, operation conditions, maintenance. 

What is ATC:
• It is a connecting element between the production technology and the enterprise information system.
• It collects information from the production process.
• It stores information from the manufacturing process
• It evaluates collected information
• It transmits evaluated information to the enterprise information system

Customer benefits:
• Data collection and evaluation process without operators' participation
• Independence from the technology used at the process level (Siemens, Omron, Schneider Electrics…)
• Possibility of implementation in different parts of the production line
• The option for easy connection of other equipment to the data collection system, or disconnecting of the device from the system of data collection.
• Connection to the customer IS
• Online visualization of current operating data