Quality and Traceability systems

The quality management system means the effective management of all processes in order to maintain and improve the quality of product, the provision of the identification and evaluation of direct and indirect environmental aspects and safety risks posed by activities and services, in order to reduce and control them, the control and evaluation of the hazards, threats and risks in the workplace, the improvement of working conditions and thus avoiding adverse events.

Today the quality management system is not a luxury, but a necessity for ensuring of a long-term competitiveness.

Traceability is a powerful tool for retrieval of data and records about the processes, production and changes to it. It allows any authorized user to quickly get data about the product. The great advantage is that the system works on-line.

Using a bar code facilitates the search for "troublemaking" parts in production. The system is immediately able to prevent work on the parts which do not meet the quality requirements for the product. It is possible to monitor various aspects of production, such as machine utilization, number and types of non-conforming parts, compliance with technological procedures and many others. This reduces the cost of operation. Because the system was designed as autonomous, it can be applied to any production.