Single Purpose Devices

Single purpose devices represents unique machines which are tailored according to the customer's requirements and production conditions, thereby streamlining and enhancing the production, and, of course, also reducing costs of the entire manufacturing process. The company designs and produces single purpose devices for the automotive, chemical and wood industries. This does not mean that we are not able to come up with solutions for other industries. The company Bizzcom has experience in the manufacturing of machinery for various assembly lines; it develops sophisticated manipulators, designs testers as well as comprehensive inspection workstations. Its know-how may be utilized wherever it is necessary to fully automate the production, i.e. in a production involving robotic workplaces, production lines or other repeatable processes.

The design and manufacturing of single purpose devices is largely influenced by requirements associated with the application supplied together with automated lines and workplaces. These are especially devices that perform a specific type of manipulation or other undefined type of operation. Special purpose machines and devices developed, designed and manufactured by the company Bizzcom may be utilized in various automated operations and production plants.

The technical solution is proposed based on specific requirements so the equipment meets required performance, utilization and qualitative criteria.

The products are composed from parts of our own production and standard components purchased from leading manufacturers. If the application requires it, the equipment may be supplied together with wiring and a control system.

For the area of lubrication and application of lubricants and adhesives the equipment is designed with regard to accurate dosing and keeping of a constant coating layer in designated areas with coating and positioning quality control feedback.

The inspection devices are designed for quality inspection of the assembled products, where the precision of the assembly, the fit of parts, and completeness after the assembly of individual parts is inspected. These inspections are performed either continuously or they are performed at the end of the assembly process.

Measuring equipment is designed with regard to measurement of the accuracy of the fit, the positions and the dimensional accuracy of individual parts or subassemblies of the defined product.

Adjusting devices are designed to allow precise alignment of the components in relation to each other, further adjustment of the intensity and the positioning of lighting product lights, tightening torques, and calibration of assembled products.

Specialized industrial equipment is represented by end-ejectors of industrial robots, grippers, injection heads, burnishing devices, clamping heads and tables, supplementary equipment for crimping of metal pins to the exact depth, trimming and cutting tables and presses.