Robotic Cells And Islands

The company integrates robotic cells into the production processes in the following areas:

• measurement
• grinding
• drilling
• welding
• handling and palletizing
• application of adhesive and damping materials

It is possible to modify these types of robotic applications with regard to a specific type of technology, complexity of the technological process, complexity and dimensions of the product, time demands, required Cycle Time etc. Also various combinations of these basic applications are possible, such as:

• Two or more robots for different applications interconnected through swap tables or conveyors

• propelled robot, i.e. 7th axis is controlled from the robot control cabinet

• robotic cells with automatically interchangeable tools according to the type of manufactured product

Robotic cells may be integrated into an existing technology line, both manual and automated, and the line may be also equipped with necessary downstream technology (conveyors, bins, etc.). After adjustment it is possible to use existing and thus significantly reduce acquisition costs associated with the transition from manual to robotic workplaces.

One robot can serve several workplaces where different products are produced with one tool, and thus save costs. The implementation, where a robot handles several tools that can be automatically exchanged, depending on the manufactured product or the required functionality, is also possible.