Industrial Devices

The portfolio includes the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment in the field of automatic assembly and production. The turn-key solutions are designed and produced at the request of customers, with respect to safety and reliability, and with guaranteed quality, in order to meet the requirements of standards and regulations.

The equipment is designed by a team which involves highly qualified professionals with years of experience. An integral part of equipment manufacturing is the design of electrical and pneumatic lines and development of necessary software, which is also designed by experts of the company Bizzcom. The manufacturing of the equipment and the units themselves is carried out in the internal production facilities equipped with the necessary machinery such as CNC, conventional milling machines, lathes, laser cutting, bending equipment, etc.

The assembly and activation takes place in the assembly hall, where the device is assembled and put into operation. Subsequently, the products are tested in the presence of the customer, transported and finally put into operation in the customer's production premises.

 Main focus:

• single purpose devices
• robotic cells and islands
• automated systems


During the design of the equipment the company follows a proven concept, which includes implementation of customer requirements in every phase of the design and manufacturing of the equipment:

• Analysis of the problem, proposal for the most suitable method of controlling of individual devices or complete production lines
• development of project documentation and provision of engineering activities
• control systems based on programmable logic controllers or process computers
• complete supply and installation of the equipment
• preparation of user programs
• activation and testing of the equipment, training of operators