The history of the company begins in 2007 when it was established under its current business name Bizzcom s.r.o., with focus on providing services in the industry (Bizz - Com = Business Company).

In its following periods, the company went through gradual changes:

  • 2009 – the company acquired projects for moving of production facilities from abroad to Slovakia and their modernization and so BizzCom began to specialize in the automation services.
  • 2010 – building the internal capacities – construction and assembly departments.
  • 2011 – gradual expansion of the production process - machine capacity. The company becomes a comprehensive integrator of production and assembly lines.
  • 2014 – an increase in the volume of projects delivered. The company moved to the new production facilities on Priemyselná ulica (Industrial Street) in Trnava. Development of innovation in the production of 3D printing and casting of composite materials.
  • 2015 – 2017 – Since then, the company has grown successfully in several areas. Over 100 employees, an increase in the volume of projects exported within the EU, beginning of construction of its own premises in Bučany near Trnava - Bizzpark.
  • 2018 – the company moved to Bučany, where it currently has 3000 m2 of production and 1000 m2 of administrative premises with the possibility of further expansion as needed.